We all know that routine maintenance is the smart, budget wise way to manage a building.

At H.K. Griffith, Inc. we offer a complete menu of roof maintenance services to help prevent damage, extend the life of the roof and save energy.

Our Services Include

  • Conducting Annual or Semi Annual Inspections to keep on top of potential problems and resolve them before they cause damage.  In many cases, regular inspections are required to maintain a valid manufacturer’s warranty on your roof.
  • Conducting One-Time Inspections to assess your short and long term needs.
  • Applying Energy- Saving Coatings to stop leaks and reduce energy costs.
  • Installing Protection Devices such as fall-arrest anchors and railing systems to protect your workers and comply with OSHA standards.
  • Installing Walkways to prevent damage to the roof from workers and contractors.
  • Repairing Seams and Flashing to maximize roof life.
  • Working Cooperatively with HVAC Contractors to ensure that any work involving the roof system is done right.